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Image by Abigail  Keenan

2023 RESA Winter Holiday Camp

The RESA Soccer Academy 2023 Winter Holiday Camp is gift-wrapped with opportunities for young players to enhance their soccer prowess through technical mastery, tactical expertise, and practical applications. Register now using the form below.

The camp will focus on the following essential skills:

  • Technical Mastery - Ball-handling Mastery, First Touch Precision, Passing Precision, Refinement of Shooting and Distribution, Goal-Scoring Techniques.

  • Tactical Expertise - Thriving in Tight Spaces, Attacking and Defending Tactics, Tactical Focus and Awareness.

  • Game Situations - Maintaining Confidence and Control, One-on-One Excellence, Game-time decision-making, teamwork, and adaptability.


Our training approach is proven to develop the foundations of soccer IQ, including:

  • Mental Toughness - A strong mindset for tackling any challenge on the pitch. 

  • Tactical Awareness - Understanding of the intricate strategies and tactics that make a winning team. 

  • Positional Insight - Deep understanding of various playing positions, leading to excellence in any role. 


Your child will learn how to develop their soccer IQ and ball mastery with our best coaches, returning home as a player ready to celebrate many goals and victories in the happiest 2024 New Year season ever!

2023 RESA Winter Holiday Camp


27, 28 & 29 December 2023

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday



10am - 2pm




Redlines Athletics 

3835 Plyers Mill Rd Kensington


Tel: 2405955823


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